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Gruba Computer Repair

Local Technology Expert

Tim Gruba has worked in the Twin Ports technology community for over 15 years.  He has experience in business and home applications of technology problem solving.  Whether you have a business that needs a new server, or are a home user that has a slow computer, he can solve all your technology related problems. Even If you just have a question about what to buy when you are shopping, give him a call!  During my years of experience I have been factory certified by most major manufacturers, including a few that are now defunct.  I have trained technicians working in most large companies in the area and all over the state. Through previous employers I have worked for most city governments, utilities and hundreds of your neighbors and small businesses. I can put that experience to work for you at rates that are fair.  Many store front business use people with little or no experience and charge two to four times my rate.

My Philosophy

Technology is a tool to help you accomplish tasks more efficiently so you can do more of the things that you love. (perhaps, fishing) If any tool if does the job it was intended for, it has value.  If the tool causes you more work, or stress it is not the right tool for the job.

What I excel at

  • Taking your technological frustration and helping you understand by not using jargon.
  • Helping with viruse and malware removal, security, new equipment, wireless networks, iPods (cracked screen's, use, install), PC's, Mac's and laptops.  I can complete circuit board repairs, replaced damaged screens, weak hinges, upgrade hard drives and memory.  All at prices 1/2 or less when compared to store front businesses.

This was caught on Lake Superior on a beautiful day!  This was the last day I was able to go fishing with my dad, and there is a great story to go along with it!  Ask me when you have a few minutes!